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4/28/2012 9:37 pm #1

Band of Bullies Leo for sale....

LEO IS OUT OF BULLENBEISSER KENNELS. HE Is 4yrs old, 20in, 70-75lbs. On/Off leash OB, some Personal Protection,proven stud, throws Head Type, Conformation, and flashy pups. Healthy, Athletic, Great Movement, Great Temp and Great around kids. Hip X-rays to come. This boy has it all. A GREAT representation of an OLDE BULLDOGGE. You have to see him in person. ****FOR SALE***Located In CHICAGO,IL.***Contact TJAY @ 312-752-5538/***

TOOK 1ST IN BEST MALE AND 1ST IN BREED @ 2011 KENNEDY'S KING OF THE RING. Coming to the Battle of Bulls 2012.

Meet, Greet, Succeed!!!

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